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Daniel Ramsay, 

Founder of NewBreed Macebell

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A 2,000-Year-Old Training Methodology, Brought Back to Life ...

In the Puranic age over 2,000 years ago, the gada, or heavy mace, was the weapon of choice for Hindu soldiers.  

These warriors trained every day with a bamboo stick attached to a heavy stone ... swinging this heavy mace behind their backs to help build legendary strength and never-say-die endurance.

Hindu warriors were known as the some of the fiercest warriors in the world – no doubt because of this rigorous and efficient training system.

But only recently has the western exercise community started to catch on ...

Now everyone from mixed martial artists to functional fitness professionals are taking up mace training for dynamic, high-energy full-body workouts that build strength, power, and boost the cardiovascular system.

This incredibly accessible training regimen has been studied by scientists and the results are in: mace-based training is one of the most effective ways to quickly (and safely) build functional strength and improve your cardio at the same time.

But Don't Ask Today's Fitness "Gurus" About it  

If you’ve been part of the fitness industry for at least a few years, you’ve probably noticed things haven’t changed very much.  

CrossFit was introduced more than a decade ago and has caught on like wildfire. Now it seems like there are boxes on every street corner. The market is saturated.

So how can fitness professionals differentiate themselves when it seems like everything’s been done?  

It’s nearly impossible if you follow the ‘conventional’ training methods. Sure, every once in a while some fitness guru emerges with a new program that promises amazing results. But you and I can see right through them. They’ll snake oil salesmen.  

Regardless, people flock to these gurus because of the promised results. They want to lose weight and build strength and they want to do it fast. Honest fitness professionals like us, who don’t promote shortcuts and instead promote eating well and working hard, find it tough to compete against these tricksters.  

So can today’s legit fitness pros still make a great living doing what they love?  

Yes – there is a way to guarantee fast and continuous results for your clients. And there is a way to differentiate yourself and attract new blood to your gym. 

Introducing the World's First Online Macebell Certification Course

I’m about to introduce you to a training program that will produce amazing results, not just for your day-to-day clients, but for high-level athletes as well. 

And I'm going to show you how you can learn this new leverage-based strength and conditioning system with the NewBreed Macebell Certification program …  

By using a unevenly loaded macebell instead of deadweight, athletes have to use leverage and harness momentum to complete full-body movements that build muscle, improve cardiovascular performance, and create core stability faster than any other training regimen you’ve ever seen.  

Master the macebell, and you’ll build a physique that will make others stand up and take notice. The results are extraordinary, and really unprecedented.  

Now, imagine if you were the first person in your market to share this powerful program with your clients. The opportunity is clear: you can quickly position yourself as the go-to macebell expert in your area and get a head-start on this up and coming training methodology.  

There’s no need to struggle trying to gain a foothold in an industry that’s already saturated with CrossFit and other functional fitness programs. Try something new instead. You’ll benefit your clients, who will see real results (fast), and in turn you’ll be rewarded as word of mouth spreads about the new powerful training technique you're using.  

As I’m sure you’ve seen from experience, there’s another problem with CrossFit and similar programs: There’s a steep learning curve for a lot of the movements involved in the workouts. Too many new members give up before seeing real results.  

But Macebell training program is extremely accessible. Within minutes, your clients will understand the basic mechanics and start performing movements within their comfort zone. The faster you can generate results for your clients, the happier they’ll be.  

Look, I know you’re sceptical. I was too. We’ve all seen the results that CrossFit can deliver. How can any training program be even better?  

Well, let's break down macebell training and you’ll see how it really covers all the functional fitness bases. 

Functional Strength 

Any type of weight training, when done properly, can build lean muscle. But with the macebell you’re working with an unbalanced load, so functional strength prevails. The result is real-world strength and stability.  

Your clients will work on muscles they didn’t even know they have. And believe me, these muscles will start to show too! It’s these tiny stabilizer muscles that really make you look shredded.  

And don’t forget about grip strength. The Macebell has that going for it too.

Explosive Power 

Compound movements in the macebell program generate momentum that your athletes will have to absorb then harness to bring the weight back to a neutral position for the next repetition. 

Generating power is all about explosive movements. And the macebell allows you to program power-generating exercises that are safe and effective ... 

Metabolic Conditioning

Because macebell routines are essentially complexes, they put your exercise post oxygen consumption (EPOC) into overdrive. These complexes are so demanding that they generate a massive oxygen debt. It takes between 24 and 36 hours for the body to fully recover from a macebell session.  

This means your clients will continue to burn calories for hours after the workout. And over time, with consistent practice, they will get absolutely shredded.  

The macebell will give you the conditioning of a mixed martial arts fighter with a metabolism that burns fat like a blow torch ... 


Most weightlifting or strength training programs don’t do enough to emphasize mobility, which is a must for any top-performing athlete. Macebell training is all about building core strength and stability to not only improve posture but also body control.  

The result is improved athleticism and the ability to change direction and transfer power explosively – useful skills for any sport. The macebell builds rotational strength that improves mobility and protects athletes from injury. It’s particularly beneficial for shoulder mobility and joint performance. In fact, many people have seen shoulder pain completely disappear after using the macebell. And many perform macebell routines while suffering with rotator cuff injuries.  

In the program, you’ll learn about the concept of the ‘dynamic base’ …  

This is the ability to manipulate your feet under a load to absorb, stabilize, and generate force in all directions. We’re talking 360-degree leg training that improves your running, jumping, skipping, kicking, lateral force absorption, timing and rhythm, and – best of all – resistance to injury. 

Let's Get Down to Business: Here's a preview of what you'll learn in the course

  • The anatomy of the macebell and how to fully leverage its unique design for maximum impact 
  • The 14 foundational movements that you can build on to create hundreds of exercise variations and thousands of complexes to vary your workouts and keep your clients excited to come back for more  
  • The proper rack positions and an understanding the role of stability in macebell training … the macebell is self-correcting and will quickly expose weaknesses that you can target with custom movements
  • How to build a bridge between the gym and the real world with the concept of Leverage Disadvantage Training (LDT) … without knowledge of LDT you can’t be a true functional training expert  
  • Training routines for all planes of motion … including the Complete Killing Complex that will annihilate even your fittest athletes
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to master and teach the NewBreed Macebell system to everyone from beginners to professional athletes  
  • A comprehensive library of macebell exercises and training concepts for modern athletes and martial artists  
  • How to maximize core stability and strength – everyone who commits to macebell training WILL get that highly coveted six-pack  
  • Exercises specifically designed to eradicate back problems and build a stronger, injury-resistant posterior chain  
  • The popular Choke Slam Lift that generates explosive power and lets your athletes unleash their full potential  
  • And – why traditional weight and strength training programs are incomplete, and will fail to deliver the results your clients are looking for ...  

What Makes NewBreed the Right Place to Get Certified in Macebell Training?

Let me introduce myself. My name’s Daniel Ramsay, and I'm the founder of NewBreed Macebell. I’ve been a functional training specialist and martial artist for over 35 years ...  

My partner Iliana and I founded and ran one of the first and most successful CrossFit boxes in New Jersey. We built a reputation for dynamic programming that delivers results as quickly and safely as possible.

We later went on to found NewBreed Fitness, where we applied functional training concepts to go beyond what you can find in a typical CrossFit box.

NewBreed is also where we started applying the macebell to our routines. The feedback was immediate and clear: our clients wanted more macebell. They liked the change of pace and loved the results they were seeing (you can see some of these results below).  

In 2015, we began to refine our ideas into the NewBreed Macebell Program, a workout regimen that uses leverage and momentum instead of deadweight. We believe we’re on the brink of a new era in resistance training. And we’re SUPER excited to share it with you. 

It Doesn't Matter What Kind of Fitness Pro You Are ...

The macebell improves athletic performance in all situations.  

Once you swing one for the first time, you’ll see why people from around the world are starting to become diehard macebell addicts. In fact, some suppliers are having trouble keeping them in stock.  

This is a BOOM. And you can be on the leading-edge.  

In the NewBreed Macebell Certification program, you’re going to learn never-before seen techniques to push your clients’ strength and conditioning to new plateaus.  

If you’ve been looking for a new way to refresh your training programs, this is it.  

But don’t take it from me. The results speak for themselves ... 

“Like most people I wanted to get back into shape … 

I found I could lose weight running but my body looked loose and traditional strength training just wasn’t getting me the results I had hoped for ... 

When I started macebell training at NewBreed Fitness ... My body changed rapidly … Not only did my abs come out but my shoulders became thicker and shredded … Every morning I could see the change happening in the mirror … 

The other amazing side effect of the mace training program was my bench press 1 rep max skyrocketed up a jaw dropping 75lbs …” 

— Chad Greene

“I never thought that results like these were real!!! 

When my trainer Lily (NewBreed Fitness) was laying out my diet plan … She told me to start doing their macebell program at least twice a week ... 

The short, intense workouts left me totally wiped out … But I would wake up every morning feeling tighter and smaller … 

My body responded to this leverage style training and took me to levels of fitness far beyond what I thought was possible!!!”

 — Stephanie Marin

“Macebell training is the most powerful way to gain lean mass and shed body fat ... 

I started training mace after my shoulder had flared up making overhead pressing impossible without extreme pain ... After only a few weeks of the NewBreed protocols my body seemed to shift into a different gear ... It pushed the boundaries of what I believed was my genetic potential for building muscle ... 

The tremendous stability requirements of the mace exercises helped to rehab my shoulder like magic!!! But more importantly I learned a powerful new way of strength training!!!” 

— Will Gene

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Now’s the time to learn how to teach this groundbreaking leverage-based strength and conditioning program.  

I’ve created the only online macebell certification program that will allow you to get certified for a fraction of the cost you would pay at a live seminar. Plus you’ll avoid the hassle of travelling and you can complete the course at your own pace from the comfort of your own home. 

  • Instant access to the NewBreed Macebell Certification program
  • 15 video modules with the key concepts and core macebell movements
  • Free video exam with a certified macebell professional to get your official certification 

PLUS, as a special thank you for registering, I’m also offering certified students a free 30-minute phone consultation with me, Daniel Ramsay, the founder of NewBreed Macebell. During the call you can ask me anything about the program, including questions about the movements, how to develop unique programming for your clients, and even how to start your own macebell training program. 

Join Risk-Free With Our 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Look, I know that committing to a new training program seems like a big risk. But I’m so confident you’ll love the NewBreed Macebell Certification program that I’m willing to offer a full 60-day money-back guarantee.  

If you’re not satisfied with the program, you can get a full refund. No questions asked.  

OK – But What's the Catch?

There's absolutely no catch. So how can I offer access to the course for a such a low price, when similar training programs cost $1,000+? It's simple.

Other programs have to cover all the costs of hosting live training, including the venue, food, and instructors. All these expenses add up, and YOU end up footing the bill!

The NewBreed program is the ONLY online macebell certification program in the world. You’ll learn to master the macebell through instructional videos and get certified via live video chat.

We’ve streamlined the process to get you certified FAST at the lowest cost possible. 

Don't Wait Until it's too Late ...  

This is your opportunity to be one of the first to get in on this powerful new training technique that’s revolutionizing our tired fitness industry. Don’t miss your chance to be the first macebell pro in your market.

And remember: If you’re not happy with the program, you can get a full refund within 60 days of registering.

Are you willing to miss the boat on this powerful new fitness system?  

Just think ... the people who got in at the very beginning of the CrossFit revolution were the first to reap the benefits … and we all know how lucrative CrossFit has been (and continues to be for those who cemented their foothold).  

It’s the same with any major fitness trend. Get in first, and the benefits will follow. Fortune favors the bold – not those who hesitate.  

If you’re tired of working too hard just to get a few new customers … and watching phony fitness ‘gurus’ get all the customers with their empty promises … NOW’s the time to change the game.  

Otherwise, you’ll keep watching the competition get all the business.  

So enroll in the course, get certified, and dominate your market. You’ll thank me later :)  

To your health,  

Daniel Ramsay  

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